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7 /10
Room Difficulty

Catch Me If You Can

Cryptic Fun
Group Size
2-6 players
$35 per person
60 minutes

You have a job to do!

Listen up! I'm in need of your unique heist abilities. I have a one off job up for grabs... if you're up for the task? You'll need to have a keen eye, explorative minds, and use stealthy movements in order to get the goods. You would be a fool! to turn down my proposition. Word is the mark has recently come in to a bit of money. A woman, recently widowed, has in her possession an item worth millions!! All you have to do is enter her mansion, get what I need and report back to me! and only me! You have an hour before she returns home then you're on your own. Be quick! Be quiet! Be smart!
People Icon $35 per person
People Icon $33 per person
People Icon $30 per person
People Icon $28 per person
People Icon $26 per person

What Survivors Said

10 December 2019

10/10 escape room! I’ve done a few and did the Strip Club room with my partner and it was hands down the best escape room I’ve ever done! Really interactive and such a laugh!! Awesome date night fun and the owner was really lovely too!

13 November 2019

Just visited here with my partner and we had a great time doing the strip club escape room. The room is really well designed and just when you think you have finished the challenge it keeps on going! Highly recommended

06 July 2019

My partner and I completed the Strip club themed room. We have completed a lot of escape rooms as a duo and found this room to be excellent. We used 3 clues and escaped right on the buzzer. So the difficulty was spot on. The complexity of puzzles, flow and immersiveness of the props and feel of the room were also very good. Highly recommend if you don’t mind some explicit material. The staff were also very friendly and passionate.


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