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8 /10
Room Difficulty

Stripclub Escape R18

Kinky R18
Group Size
2-8 players
$35 per person
60 minutes

Strip your senses and rely on your basic instinct to escape!

Remember what you did last night? Pretty sure it all started with tequila shots… champagne... some more shots in between... the pole, dancing around the pole… dancers… lots of dancers. All blurry... And now you’re locked up in one of the back rooms of the strip club by an angry bouncer telling you you’ve trashed the place and spent all your money on booze and strippers… Sounds like a good night out, but it’s time to escape before the bouncer returns with the police!
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$35 per person
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$33 per person
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$30 per person
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$28 per person
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$26 per person

What Survivors Said

10 December 2019

10/10 escape room! I’ve done a few and did the Strip Club room with my partner and it was hands down the best escape room I’ve ever done! Really interactive and such a laugh!! Awesome date night fun and the owner was really lovely too!

13 November 2019

Just visited here with my partner and we had a great time doing the strip club escape room. The room is really well designed and just when you think you have finished the challenge it keeps on going! Highly recommended

06 July 2019

My partner and I completed the Strip club themed room. We have completed a lot of escape rooms as a duo and found this room to be excellent. We used 3 clues and escaped right on the buzzer. So the difficulty was spot on. The complexity of puzzles, flow and immersiveness of the props and feel of the room were also very good. Highly recommend if you don’t mind some explicit material. The staff were also very friendly and passionate.


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